The Website Design Process


1. Consultation: We discuss with you the purpose of your website, your preferences for layout and color, and your current marketing materials. This information allows us to develop a quote for creating and maintaining your website.

Our website designers will work with you to create a website that will best represent you and your company.

2. Search Engines: We edit your website content to please search engine requirements as well as people. Google often will pick up your website automatically, making it unnecessary to submit it to search engines. But if needed, we submit your website to the major search engines at no extra charge.

3. Support: Our consultation with you, usually done by phone, can also be at our office or by e-mail. Before, during and after the design, our staff will respond promptly to your questions by e-mail or by phone.

Tips for planning your website.

After our consultation, you’ll get a contract and proposal. You return a signed copy with 50% deposit, and the job begins. Depending on the complexity of your website, it can take as little as two weeks or up to several months. What’s included?

Get a free consultation today!

4. The Start: Sheer Web will administer your registered domain name to set up a website hosting account for you. If you don’t have a domain name, we’ll find available names and help you choose one. We’ll administer your domain name through our Sheer Domain Names division, but you retain ownership of the name.

Annual fees for hosting and domain name registration are payable by credit card. Design fees may be paid by check or cc.

5. Work Process: Sheer Web will create a sample website based on the information and photos you give us.

We’ll edit your text with highlighted keywords, subheadings, bulleted lists, one idea per paragraph, and half the word count of conventional writing. This makes your content user-friendly when viewing on a computer, smartphone or tablet screen.

Once we make any changes you request to the agreed-on look and layout, we’ll develop the rest of your website.

6. Finishing: When the website is completed, we request your final review. We then test to be sure all forms and links are working, and all images display correctly.

Your domain e-mail (as many mailboxes as you need and website statistics will be set up.

Sheer Web Design provides two free months of maintenance, and we stand by our work in the future as well.

Call 856-881-6000 or Click for a free consultation to start your website design.


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