Pay-per-click for my website?

The only way to guarantee top search engine rankings for your keywords is paid advertising. Google, Bing and Yahoo all offer pay-per-click (PPC) programs that will certainly draw more attention to your site.

But you must carefully analyze and target your keywords before creating a pay-per-click ad. If not, you’ll get clicks from people who are not qualified customers. And you’ll pay for these non-productive clicks.

I have tried PPC programs, and I’m still working on refining my keywords. At first, about half the paid clicks to my site were from people trying to sell me something instead of buying services from me. So I added “negative keywords” (keywords from visitors I don’t want to click to my site) such as “free web design,” “help wanted” and “cheap web design.”

Google, Bing and Yahoo give you ROI (return on investment) calculators to figure if the “good” clicks bring in enough money to make up for the non-productive clicks.

PPC programs let you bid, according to a budget you set, for top search engine placement on your keywords.

You decide the price you’re willing to pay for each person who clicks on your listing. You don’t pay for impressions (as with banner ads) where a person sees your ad but doesn’t click on it. You pay only for those interested enough to actually click through to your site.

You choose a maximum, from as low as 5 cents USD per click. In addition, you set a daily budget you don’t want to go over. You get a three-line ad linked to your website. It appears in the right column or at the top, marked in color as an ad, when someone searches for your keywords.

You can change the ad yourself as often as you wish. That’s a good thing because you’ll soon see which words get the most effective clicks, and you’ll likely want to experiment with your ad text.

In my experience, the serach engine companies do a fine job of tracking the clicks and getting your ads to appear.

I recommend you try it for a few months to see what works for you.

Just let me know if you want to try a pay-per-click program for your business.

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