Pre-Planning Your Website

girlIt’s important to plan the entire website, not just the home page.
So before you start picking out colors, consider following this checklist and let us know your answers:

  • What functions do you want the site to provide to your visitors (information, shopping, etc.)? Not sure what’s possible? Just ask us.
  • Write a snappy home page tag line that quickly explains the site to visitors who never heard of you before. Make it informative and straightforward (not ad copy).
  • Look at other websites in your field and note features and design elements you like — and don’t like. Give us the links to websites you admire.
  • Decide on the navigation bar location(s), color schemes and the use of slideshows, video or sound files.
  • Gather all your text such as brochures or menus.
  • Inventory the content you already have in digital format. We’ll convert your nondigital photos, videos, music, or artwork for you.
  • Coordinate real-time public relations and marketing to complement your Web site development.
  • Decide who will be responsible for updating the site — someone on your team, or we’ll do it for you.
  • To improve search engine ranking, write a 25-word description of your site and a list of keywords. What would a typical person type into a search form that should lead to your site? The words you come up with will be displayed as content on your pages and also will be set into the hidden code for search engines to find.

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