Spectacular web design

I am a musician and songwriter. Ms. Marchetti and I worked together designing a Web site to accompany the recording and manufacturing of my first original music CD. Feel free to go to Rantmuse.com and see for yourself: it’s spectacular, and is exactly the mood and expression I wanted. Just as crucial to the success of Web design, from a client’s perspective, it was a pleasure, a total learning experience working with Ms. Marchetti. She helped me understand the technical process so I could clearly express what I wanted artistically and from a marketing view. She is quietly brilliant, instinctive, artistic (she is a successful writer and musician in her own right), technically expert and possesses market savvy.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fruitful first experience… I have felt throughout that she cares about what I’m trying to do with my art and my future. I am not just a “project” to her.

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